Heater Applications

Home Patio

Make the most of your home and enjoy your outdoor space all year long with NDUSTRIATM outdoor electric heaters. Installation, operation, and service doesn’t get any easier than our plug-and-play patio heaters.

Restaurant & Bar

Built with customer satisfaction in mind, NDUSTRIATM gas low-intensity and electric infrared heaters are specially designed to keep your customers comfortable and coming back. Our ceiling-mounted heaters optimize your space and allow you to focus more on your customers.


NDUSTRIATM gas-fired, low & high-intensity infrared heaters are ideal for heating your warehouse, loading dock, car wash, or other industrial space safely and efficiently. Ideal for spot heating, our heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant ceramic high-intensity heaters provide maximum radiant comfort. For space heating, we have two models of low-intensity heaters in lengths ranging from 10’ to 40’ for optimum coverage.

Commercial Rooftop Patio

Don’t let the outdoor weather keep guests from enjoying your rooftop. NDUSTRIATM gas low-intensity and electric, high intensity infrared heaters are built to last and keep customers coming back. Our outdoor heaters are tough as industrial equipment but easy to install for everyday commercial use.


Provide comfort in your sports and entertainment venues, NDUSTRIATM infrared heaters keep your venue warm for every event! Available in gas or electric and ceiling-mounted, our heaters are the optimal solution for stadiums, venues, and arenas of all sizes.

Hotel & Resort

Make any hotel guest feel at home with NDUSTRIATM low-intensity or electric heaters warming your dining or other outdoor spaces and letting your guests relax. Gas or electric, ceiling-mounted, and built to last, our heaters provide a custom solution for your unique space.

Venue Retail (Wholesale)

Interested in carrying our products at your retail location? Get in touch to learn more about the wholesale availability of all of our products. From low- and high-intensity gas-fired heaters to plug-and-play electric patio heaters, we’ve got it all.

Don’t see your application?

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